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Starting to revamp by site & working on marketing. It’s a long hard road, but should be worth it when it’s all done and I’m just working on the marketing side.


E-commerce Store now open

Now Open for Business

Today I opened up a store front at She has been after me for a while to have a place where she could direct people to purchase my services. I finally agreed with her, that it would be easier that way, so we worked out an agreement that works for both of us. If you would like to purchase any of my services, please head over there, Store. While you are there, please […]


Welcome to the updated version of the Wyld Web Designs Blog

Now Open for Business

I would like to thank everyone for visiting the blog. I’ve gone through and done a total overhaul on the WordPress theme that I had before and am starting fresh. I will try to keep this up blog updated more often with useful information.

About Stephen

1I am a Work-at-home father of 3 with an Associates Degree in Web Design and Development.

I try to stay up to date on the latest Technology around the web. I have been doing basic Web Design since 1998. Since then my skills have grown and I'm able to do more complex Web Designs.


I would highly recommend Stephen at Wyld Web Designs to work with. He is also easy to work with in my projects and able to take my creativity and make it happen.

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